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"We use copper,

'coz we do it proper!"



Keeping Your Boiler Going

Boiler Servicing Eastbourne

We are boiler specialists. We don’t just fix any problem that may arise with your boiler but, unlike most, we purchase specialist kits to service them properly making sure your boiler lasts and works efficiently.


With over 40 years of knowledge and experience in designing boilers your home is in safe hands.




Washing out a heating system in time for the cold weather! See how the black, sludge infested water in the cylinder is replaced during the dump phase of a power flush! Resulting in lighter water which easier to heat, this in turn saves you money on your energy bills potentially saving you up to 15%!

The video below shows the dirt taken from just one central heating system.




Call now and quote “PWRFLSH” to receive a FREE boiler service with your power flush!






Coverage Eastbourne area